Thermogravimetric analyzer


Thermal degradation and Evolved Gas Analysis by TG-FTIR

Netzsch STA 449 F3 coupled with Bruker FT-IR Tensor 27

Thermal Analysis provides ideal tools for the characterization of all kinds of organic and inorganic solids and liquids. For instance, it can provide information on thermodynamic transitions, thermal stability, decomposition and chemical reactions over a broad temperature range.
In particular, the peculiarity of the TG-FTIR system installed at the Bioenergy & Biofuels LAB is the coupling of a thermogravimetric (TG) balance with a FT-IR spectrophotometer for Evolved Gas Analysis.

The combination of thermal analysis with infrared spectroscopy for gas analysis can give information about the type of gases evolved during the thermal degradation processes. Therefore, this allows a detailed understanding of the chemistry behind them and a deeper insight into the materials behaviour.
This instrument has been funded by the Free-University of Bozen-Bolzano Fundation.
Example of application

Application of TG-FTIR
Application of TG-FTIR
Application of TG-FTIR