The research of the Bioenergy & Biofuels LAB is performed by means of lab- and pilot-scale reactors and through analytical equipments.

Lab- and pilot-scale reactors

On the one hand, the LAB is equipped with:

  1. an open-top gasifier (Betel), for gasification tests at the pilot scale (4 kW),
  2. a Hydrothermal Carbonization reactor,
  3. a reforming reactor for syngas upgrading & Fischer-Tropsch synthesis,
  4. a char bed reactor for testing char filtering and catalytic effects.

In addition, a small-scale fixed-bed downdraft gasifier (nominal size 40 kg/h) is in the process of being installed.

Analytical equipments

On the other hand, the LAB is equipped with instruments for the complete characterization of solid and liquid biofuels, such as:

The characterization of products and by-products of thermochemical conversion processes is complemented by three gas analyzers (microGC Agilent) and two tar sampling systems according to UNI CEN/TS 15439:2008. These portables apparatus can be used both in the lab and for on-site monitoring campaigns. For this purpose, a power analyzer, an ultrasonic flow meter, a pitot tube and a datalogger equipped with PT100 thermocouples are available, allowing the measuring of all the mass and energy flows within an energy conversion system.

equipments - open-top gasifier
Small-scale open top downdraft gasifier coupled with a 4kW single-cylinder dual-fuel diesel engine.
The reactor can be used in double stage configuration where primary air flows from the top and secondary air is coming by a nozzle located in the middle of the reactor.